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The King’s Speech: Milli Vanilli in a gold hat

King Charles’ first State Opening of Parliament as monarch, provides plenty of pomp, pageantry and politics for Nish and Coco to get stuck into. It’s a spectacle that throws up lots of questions, including who is Black Rod, and why does an MP get taken hostage by the Palace? As the Government presents its legislative agenda for the year ahead, we ask why is it so slim? Could it signal an early election? Nish and Coco are also incredulous as to why, with so much that needs fixing in this country, valuable space in the speech is given over to cracking down on pedicabs!! The New Statesman’s politics correspondent Zoe Grunewald is on hand to explain the splits in Labour over Gaza, as we see the first resignation from Keir Starmer’s front bench. We also discuss why so much political hot air is being expelled over this weekend’s pro-Palestinian protest - is it really disrespectful to have an anti-war march on Remembrence weekend? One of the loudest critics has of course been Home Secretary Suella Braverman - following a string of controversial pronouncements, we wonder if she’s actually trying to get herself sacked by Rishi Sunak?

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