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Exposing Andrew Tate and saying goodbye to Nadine Dorries

More 16 to 17-year-old boys recognise Andrew Tate than Rishi Sunak - have we been guilty of underestimating the influence of Tate’s brand of toxic masculinity? Nish and Coco speak to journalist Matt Shea, who has spent years investigating the notorious misogynist. His new documentary uncovers the truth behind Tate’s ‘War Room’ club, and investigates claims members are taught how to groom women into online sex work. We also learn about the mysterious mastermind behind Tate, who has so far remained in the shadows. As Labour promises not to implement wealth taxes, Nish and Coco wonder if we’ve all missed ‘the secret wink’ that means it’ll all be ok once they’re in power. Plus Nish and Coco bid farewell to Nadine Dorries, who finally quit as an MP 81 days after saying she would. They look back at her ‘best bits’ and reflect on the battle for her Mid Bedfordshire seat.

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