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Tories war on 'lefty lawyers', and Sunak's Disney dinner

Returning from their summer holidays, Nish and Coco reflect on the failure of the Government’s ‘small boats week’. It was supposed to showcase progress but, instead it ended in the tragic deaths of a number of people trying to cross the Channel. An interesting time then for Tory HQ to step up their war on so-called ‘lefty lawyers’. We hear from immigration lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie, who was the target of a Conservative smear campaign. She tells Nish and Coco how right wing newspapers were given a four page dossier on her, riddled with inaccuracies and misrepresentations, trying to tie her to the Labour Party. She says it’s an experience that will scar her for life. Economics expert Grace Blakeley joins Coco and Nish to reflect on the week’s big news on inflation and jobs…picking apart why the positive headlines might be a bit misleading. Nish, Coco and Grace also fess up to the most expensive meals they’ve ever had, in light of Rishi Sunak’s $1200-a-head Disneyland dining experience. Among the questions discussed: Does it matter that our PM is so rich? Who controls the economy? And…should we have billionaires at all?

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