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Tea with Biden, scandal at the BBC and drugs with the Greens

While the UK was losing its senses over a sex scandal, the BBC and a tabloid newspaper, Nish brings some sanity. His advice to journalists and politicians: if you know nothing, why not shut up? What we learn from the story is that the UK needs more facts and less speculation. In Nish’s crosshairs is Tory MP Lee Anderson. He called the BBC a “safe haven for perverts” while his party and Westminster faces an epidemic of sexual harassment allegations. Carla Denyer - co leader of the Green Party in England and Wales - is Coco and Nish’s special guest. The Greens could offer the most radical policies at the next General Election: taxing on multi millionaires, decriminalising drugs and welcoming migrants. But can the party persuade trans people the Greens are their ally?

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