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Stuck @ Om with Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital

In this episode of the Om Show, I have a candid conversation with my friend Bijan Sabet—the co-founder of Spark Capital—about the impact of the Coronavirus on humanity. It seems as a species we are losing the ability to connect. We don’t view humanity as a collective but instead have become individualistic and elitist. With a society that has become narcissistic and self-centered—is this our opportunity to emerge evolved, with a more compassionate approach to the people we encounter?  But what will the economic impact look like? Massive layoffs have already started and will likely continue. Bijan and I fear a deep recession is coming, one that will rival the occurrence in the early 2000s. We question how this will impact hiring, business growth, and the startups that we both work with. Businesses must avoid panic and instead be smart and agile with their decision-making. Listen to the episode for a deep and speculative conversation about the state of the nation—and the world—and where we see the future headed. My hope is that we come out on the other side of this pandemic and isolation to a more empathetic world. Outline of This Episode How the Coronavirus pandemic is impacting humanity How should we emerge from isolation post-pandemic? A move away from self-centeredness towards compassion  What ongoing change will we see in the economy Businesses must be smart and agile—and avoid panic Is this virus a beta-test for a dystopian future? We discuss means of coping with the isolation Bijan and I talk about how our families are adjusting Connect with Bijan Sabet Bijan on LinkedIn Bijan on Twitter Spark Capital Connect With Om Om on Twitter: @Om Om on Instagram: @Om Subscribe to THE OM SHOW on Apple Podcasts

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