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Stuck@Om with Jason Fried

In today’s episode of Stuck@Om, I have a conversation with my friend Jason Fried — Co-founder and CEO of Basecamp. We talk about the parts of lockdown that we’ve enjoyed as well as the ways it’s made us more thankful. Jason admits that we don’t realize how much we take for granted. Hopefully, when we emerge from this pandemic we can be more appreciative of the teachers, nannies, and cleaning services that help us manage our everyday lives.  Jason and I chat about the reality that there are no full-time employees right now. Those lucky enough to work from home are juggling caring for their children, cooking meals, and other priorities. Leaders must recognize this reality and adjust their expectations accordingly. Basecamp has taken this to heart. They know that everyone must find a balance that works for their family. If that means they can only contribute 4 hours towards a workday, they’ve articulated to their employees that they understand — things will be okay at a slower pace.  We talk about technology and the concept of efficiency and effectiveness. How doing more isn’t always accomplishing more and that activity doesn’t equate to achievement. We also ponder the micro-level changes we will see when we emerge from this pandemic. Will we always stand a foot further apart? Will shaking hands no longer be a social norm? Will the ability to trust become the largest victim of this pandemic?  Jason and I chat about everything from the coronavirus and climate change to Grand Seiko watches and custom clothing. Listen to hear an engaging conversation between friends.  Subscribe to THE OM SHOW Outline of This Episode How Jason and his wife are navigating lockdown with 2 children Be creative instead of being bogged down by negativity The greatest things about technology are also the worst Leaders have to recognize and adapt to the new reality we’re in The concept humans struggle with that our identity is found in work We need to eliminate the cultural expectation of an immediate response Not everything is categorized “breaking news”—it isn’t all important Do we have too many tools creating more chaos than order? Will trust become the largest victim of this pandemic?  The hope that new technologies will emerge out of this The coronavirus is just a symptom of larger issues at play We have to change and adapt to new realities Dealing with mass paranoia: everyone has become dangerous We talk about our mutual love of Grand Seiko Watches Why I have exactly 100 pieces of clothing in my wardrobe The things you should spend money on: good food and comfort Resources & People Mentioned Basecamp Basecamp: Shapeup Basecamp’s new creation: Hey GitLab Son of a Tailor The iShuffle Principle My Guilty Pleasures Thunders Love Socks Grand Seiko Watches Connect with Jason Fried Jason on LinkedIn Jason on Twitter Connect With Om Om on Twitter: @Om Om on Instagram: @Om

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