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Stuck@Om with Nick Thompson

In this episode of Stuck@Om I chat with one of the great human beings on the planet — Nicholas Thompson. He’s the Editor in Chief at WIRED Magazine, an avid marathoner, and has penned one of the best essays I’ve read in recent times. In this conversation, Nick and I talk about how media outlets have to shift how they write stories to generate ‘clicks’ over ‘subscriptions’.    We also converse about the reputation of the media and how it hasn’t improved during the Coronavirus crisis. We postulate that social media is a double-edged sword—as much as it gives, it takes away. It has only served to amplify the heat towards the media industry and appeals to the worst instincts of humanity while incentivizing the worst behaviors. Their needs to be healthy cynicism and healthy optimism in regards to social media — without that, we cannot progress.   We also have a lengthy discussion about the forced surge in telemedicine. The tech has existed for a while now, but the Coronavirus removed the typical barriers for the use of the technology. As its use becomes more widespread, what will the new rules and regulations look like? What if you had a video recording of every hospital visit since you turned 18, stored locally? So every time you visited a new doctor they had video reference for treatment.   Can we design a system to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits over a long time horizon? Be sure to listen to our conversation for an in-depth look at the future of tech writing, automation, the medical industry, and much more.    Subscribe to THE OM SHOW   Outline of This Episode Learn about Nicholas Thompson — Editor in Chief of Wired What WIRED publishes is important and utterly essential The reputation of the media hasn’t improved during this crisis Social media is a double-edged sword—as much as it gives it takes away Social media appeals to our worst instincts Do reporters dislike tech as often as they’re accused of it?  The need for healthy cynicism and healthy optimism How the Coronavirus crisis is creating a boom in telemedicine We weren’t expecting the future to arrive like it has Tougher cleaning requirements in airports and public places What spectrum of jobs will be replaced by machines? What the hiring process will look like in the future What will the future of working from home look like? Resources & People Mentioned WIRED Magazine Connect with Nick Thompson Nick on Twitter Connect on LinkedIn Nick’s Website Connect With Om Om on Twitter: @Om Om on Instagram: @Om

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