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Stuck@Om with Paul Kedrosky

In this episode of Stuck@Om, I chat with my friend Paul Kedrosky, Ph.D.— a general partner in SK Ventures. In our conversation, Paul notes that he’s pretty happy with the way he’s constructed his reality. He jokingly states he’s been in preparation for self-quarantine for the last decade—it’s his time to shine. Aside from missing coffee and sushi, he’s enjoying his time at home with his wife and children.  When our conversation takes a deeper turn, we chat about how the implicit assumptions our lives are based on are changing — that we are more fragile than we ever imagined. Paul’s been studying the Black Plague and realized that the diaries of that time could’ve been written yesterday in a blog post. The way we deal with global pandemics was the same in the 1600s as it is now—a diet of social distancing and isolation. Paul and I cover a wide range of topics such as how the airlines are concerned more about their bottom-line than spreading viruses and the information we choose to consume. We talk about the potential creation of new vaccine technologies and his optimistic view of how we will emerge from this pandemic financially. Listen to this episode for some light-hearted banter coupled with deeper topics about the state of our world. Subscribe to THE OM SHOW Outline of This Episode How Paul Kedrosky has naturally prepared for self-quarantine Is the pandemic exposing who we really are? The implicit assumptions our lives are based on How the Black Plague compares to the Coronavirus pandemic How airlines care little about the consequences of their actions Convincing the population to care before it’s far too late Understanding what our information diet should consist of Humans overestimate their importance in the grand scheme of things How Paul thinks we will emerge from this pandemic The emergence of new vaccine technologies Paul’s optimism about the impact on the economy Resources & People Mentioned BOOK: Normal Accidents The Atlantic Connect with Paul Kedrosky Paul’s website Paul’s Twitter (on sabbatical)  Paul on LinkedIn SK Ventures Connect With Om Om on Twitter: @Om Om on Instagram: @Om

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