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Stuck@Om with Scott Belsky

In this episode of Stuck@Om my friend Scott Belsky—CPO of Adobe and founder of Behance—joins me to have a conversation about the state of our world. He shares how his family is keeping safe and what they’re doing to keep their children occupied.   We chat about our love/hate relationship with Twitter, and how their engagement-driven algorithm is being overwhelmingly driven by the fear-filled masses. An algorithm that curates topics you’re passionate about would better suit them. We worry they are too focused on keeping the lights on that they aren’t thinking about long-term strategies.   We also talk about looking beyond the economic impact of the pandemic — how will people think differently about their product and value propositions? Will superfluous products that society never needed begin to disappear? And what about the short and long-term impacts on how businesses function? Scott points out that we were forced to accelerate years ahead with the way we think about a distributed workforce.    Perhaps the world will see an increase in empathy and focus on health and wellness. We may see a seismic shift in the world of entertainment with more virtual concerts or on-demand theatre options. Will conferences become virtual presentations where people simply meetup afterward for happy-hours and social gatherings? Listen to this episode for a wide-ranging and hopeful discussion about our future.    Subscribe to THE OM SHOW   Outline of This Episode How Scott and his family are staying safe and busy Will products getting usage now get hurt long-term? Twitter’s engagement-driven business model is a problem Trust & safety can’t be a singular focus for a product organization Will startups think differently about their product and value propositions? The short and long-term impact of the Coronavirus on businesses Distance learning will no longer be shunned by universities What does the future of trust look like in relationship-building? How children will learn more from this pandemic than we will How will conferences evolve in the post-pandemic world? The impact of the Coronavirus on the hotel industry and Airbnb Increased awareness of personal health is on the horizon How Behance users are internalizing the world's events with their craft Resources & People Mentioned Airbnb Behance Oura Ring DoorDash Kyle Webster The Atlantic Verizon Pay It Forward Connect with Scott Belsky Scott’s website Scott on LinkedIn Scott on Twitter Connect With Om Om on Twitter: @Om Om on Instagram: @Om

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