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Stuck@Om with Herman Narula

In this episode of Stuck@Om, Herman Narula joins me in a conversation about our future. Herman is the CEO of Improbable — a company that is obsessed with multiplayer games. They build the underlying technology to support new gaming experiences. He strives to be able to create a “virtual environment that is as representative and complex as the real world.” A virtual world that improves upon the real word — that doesn’t replicate it.    With the uncertainty of the future of travel, the ability to experience the world without leaving our homes would be astounding. What about the future of social gatherings? Will we shift to more virtual concerts, such as Travis Scott’s concert in Fortnite? The types of experiences or interactive communication we can uniquely have in those environments is endless. Herman posits that we may see a gradual freeing of identity and an emphasis on the ability to influence the world from your physical body. What if our mode of influence shifted to virtual reality?   Herman fully believes that video games will be the thing that defines this decade in a way that surprises society. It’s already the interface through which many young people socialize. Perhaps we will begin to see people begin to make money in these virtual worlds. Herman is excited for the end of the lockdown. He’s hopeful that our world may see another Roaring Twenties — with revitalization in art and culture and an explosion of new ideas. Listen now to hear an eye-opening discussion with my newfound friend.      Subscribe to THE OM SHOW   Outline of This Episode Creating simulation technology for gaming and defense How will the behavior change us as people? Does the pandemic modify centuries of human gatherings? How can we improve upon the real world We talk about the emotional attachments we have to sport Is making money in a virtual world the next big transition?  The resource and energy efficiency of virtual environments Air travel will have a very different future after this Will a shift towards working from home cause an even bigger divide? Video games will be the thing that defines this decade in a way that surprises society The gaming environment is the interface in which many younger people socialize Will we see revitalization of art and culture — a repeat of the Roaring Twenties? Resources & People Mentioned Herman’s Ted Talk Connect with Herman Narula Herman on Twitter Herman’s LinkedIn Connect With Om Om on Twitter: @Om Om on Instagram: @Om

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