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Stuck@Om with Matt Mullenweg

In this episode of Stuck@Om my good friend Matt Mullenweg joins me. Matt is the CEO of Automattic and a founding member of WordPress. Matt usually travels extensively for work — he logged over 500,000 miles in the air last year — but is enjoying his extended time at home.  Recently, I started embracing a concept Matt popularized called “Away From Keyboard”, shortened to “AFK”. It began as a simple way to relate that you were away from your desk but evolved into a way to encourage vacation and time off. It’s important to embrace rest and restoration — it helps us become more productive and mentally stable.  Matt shares that they’ve cultivated a culture at Automattic that’s open and honest, where everyone communicates freely. They’ve found success implementing an open vacation policy (taking as much time off as employees want or need). Every 5 years, Automattic requires its employees to take a 2-3 month paid sabbatical. Matt finds those team members return full of ideas and renewed energy, positively impacting the company.  We also chat about the importance of virtual social gatherings and the importance of continuing human-to-human connection. Matt also shares some tips for those new to the work-from-home model. Be sure to listen to this short but expansive conversation.  Subscribe to THE OM SHOW Outline of This Episode How Matt is enjoying being “grounded”  The big idea behind “Away from Keyboard”  Automattic’s open vacation and sabbatical policy  Matt implemented “half days” due to Covid-19 Fall back on the core of your culture The 5 levels of autonomy Make space for virtual social gatherings Resources & People Mentioned The 5 Levels of Autonomy Stuck@Om with Jason Fried The Welfare Effects of Social Media Automattic WordPress Houseparty Grist Connect with Matt Mullenweg LinkedIn Matt’s Website Connect With Om Om on Twitter: @Om Om on Instagram: @Om

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