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75. The Exorcist (w/ Carly Severn)

It just so happens that one of us is probably possessed, and is in need of THE EXORCIST! Join us and Carly Severn (KQED San Francisco) to discuss the Friedkin / Pazuzu of it all. Why is this movie so deeply terrifying, even today, FIFTY years after its initial release?? We talk about parents -- being parents, being kids, dealing with parents, and kids, and why all those familial relationships are apt targets of twisted horror. We talk sacrifice, losing control, the many bodily fluids, and wonder whether Pazuzu is more of a David Blaine style demon, or Siegfried and Roy style demon (spoiler: obviously the latter). You don't want to miss out on this classic spooky movie and this spooky discussion of it! Follow us on Twitter! Buy a cow shirt on Threadless!

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