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85. That Thing You Do! (w/ Matt Pais)

We're joined by Matt Pais (author of Talk 90s with Me) to discuss a favorite 90s nostalgia flick, made thirty years ago about a time thirty years prior to when it came out. So it's nostalgia about nostalgia, or what some might call meta-nostalgia! We talk about the desire to hold on to the ephemeral, how the film explores the loss of innocence in the 1960s (and compares that with the kind of Gen-X cynicism that gripped the US in the 90s), connections to another film starring Tom Everett Scott (La La Land), and how being in a band on the rise is all fun and games until the 300th time you play your hit song and realize you're stuck in a loop you may never escape from... Buy Matt's book here Follow Matt on Twitter!  Follow us on Twitter! 

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