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114. Sympathy for the Devil (w/ Yuval Adler and Matt Strohl)

Nicolas Cage has been on a run of making several movies a year for decades now, and Sympathy for the Devil is one of his latest experiments, a pulpy chamber piece road trip mystery suspense film co-starring Joel Kinnaman. We sit down with the film's director Yuval Adler (who also happened to get his PhD in philosophy from Columbia in the 90s!) and welcome back Matt Strohl (Philosophy, U. Montana) to discuss the film's inception, what it is like to work with Cage, how the film holds us in suspense despite withholding so much narrative material, and some of the film's themes surrounding guilt, revenge, and moving on from the past. We can't wait for you to hear about Nic Cage's process and his dedication to his craft, so tune in and be sure to check out Sympathy for the Devil, streaming everywhere now!

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