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103. Joe Vs. The Volcano (w/ Chad Perman)

Joe is going to die. But he has a chance to be a hero, and live like a king. Only, that means he'll have to jump into a volcano. Is Joe's story all of ours? We sit down with Chad Perman (Founder of Bright Wall / Dark Room) to dig into what makes this zany, existential, transcendent, hilarious, slapstick, profound movie so good. Along the way, we discuss the Kantian sublime, Heidegger's notion of being-toward-death, the meaning of life, and flibbertigibbets! Before the episode, you'll hear a trailer for Die Hard on a Blank, a wonderful show hosted by former Cows guest Liam Billingham. Check it out, it's great!! Twitter: @cowspod Web: Contact us:

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