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111. Dune Part Two (w/ John DeVore)

We go BACK to Arrakis, desert planet, homeworld of the spice and the Fremen and keeper of Shai Hulud. We're joined again for the journey by major spice-head John DeVore to discuss Villeneuve's two films in relation to Lynch's 1984 version and Frank Herbert's book. Along the way, we consider the worm Uber, the possibility of bad trips with the Water of Life, the lack of St. Alia of the Knife, the deliberate backgrounding of the more mystical elements of the novel, and the film's magnificent score. Repeat after us: "It is by will alone I set my mind in motion... fear is the mindkiller... long live the fighters... and power over spice is power over all!" Preorder John's book, "Theater Kids: A True Tale of Off Off Broadway" now!

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