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82. Inside Man (w/ Roxana Hadadi)

Who is the INSIDE MAN? We sit down with Roxana Hadadi (Vulture / New York Magazine) to discuss Spike Lee's twisty bank heist thriller from the early aughts. We consider the film's central theme, which focuses around conflicts of duty and consequence, and takes a very even-handed look at a morally complex world. We also compare the film's insistence to call out racism with its casual dismissal of homophobia and sexual assault, and think about the challenge faced by those of us just trying to get by while up in unjust systems. We touch on topics of current concern: effective altruism and longtermism, and consider how the film illustrates what might be lacking in such perspectives.  Follow Roxana on Twitter!  Follow us on Twitter!  Buy a cows shirt on Threadless! 

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