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Beautiful You with Special Guest Sadie Calamaco

Living a life of abuse in many forms leaves Sadie a defeated and lost woman. She loses her children, her home and her freedom. After paying such a high price how does someone find their way back from so much loss? 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 Growing up in a poor family with many challenges Sadie learns to live with seeing her mother abused and suffering abuse herself. She vows to never marry anyone like that. But as vows have a way of repeating themselves down the generational line, she does.The pain of losing her marriage, her home and her children she snaps. What happens next changes the course of her life drastically. Sadie finds a way to come back from this loss. Her faith, her courage and her determination today is leaving a lifelong legacy in the lives of others and especially her children to her second husband.Be prepared to ride the rollercoaster with Sadie’s story…which is having a miraculously good ending!! Connect with Sadie here👇Facebook - - Sadie’s story here👇 See for privacy information.

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