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Beautiful You with Special Guest Elise Grey

“Slowing down” hasn’t framed up Elise Grey’s life after 70!! Becoming a model, writing books and caring for her husband have framed up her inspiring life to date. 🎧💥💥🎧 Elise loves living life and splashing it with creativity on every level be it relationships, work, art, styling, serving and embracing age. She is a wife of 50 years, mother of four and granny to 10, she hails from Africa and now calls the Northern Beaches of Sydney home. A Model, Designer, Author, Artist, Fashionista, Speaker and retired Architect. Elise is author and publisher of “Diary for a Lady” and will be publishing her diary again for 2021, later this year - a colourful Inspirational Daily /Planner/gift you can enjoy 365 days a year!! She describes her diary as a paper garden designed with love and care. Her latest book Flourish Colouring Journal showcases her love of beautiful designs on paper splashed with kind, inspiring and encouraging words. Flourish is designed to help you unwind, unplug, pause and make moments matter.I can testify to this as I’m taking a “shortcut to flourishing” as Elise suggests we do by colouring my way through Flourish. In the winter of 2017, and at age 69 she joined SILVERFOX MANAGEMENT as a model and is proud to be part of Australia’s first mature age talent agency who believes ‘style has no age limit’.” All these inspiring activities have been ongoing under the backdrop of her husband’s health issues which Elise shares in such an authentic way on The Beautiful YOU Podcast. Connect with Elise hereFacebook - - Listen to Elise’s story here👇 Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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