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Beautiful You with Special Guest Alba Cordero Soto

Sexually abused as a young child Alba finds herself having to face her abuser a few years later. This brings back memories and emotions that impact her deeply and shut down her ability to live fully embracing who she really is. 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 Alba shares openly about the trauma of the sexual abuse she experienced as a young child. She tells how it left its mark on her personality, on her emotions and left her vulnerable to making decisions that compromised her life going forward. Alba’s healing has enabled her to find a man that loves her for who she is and not someone she has to be to please him. Today she supports single mothers to find healing from their sexual trauma so they can live free of their guilt, shame and anger. Connect with Alba here 👇Facebook - - – Listen to Alba’s story here👇 See for privacy information.

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