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Beautiful You with Special Guest Aldwin Altuney

Childhood trauma and life experiences pave the way for Aldwyn to step up and share her light and passion to shine bright and light up others around her. From the cocoon Aldwyn emerges as the ‘Media Queen’. 🎧💥💥🎧 Aldwyn uses the scaffold of 36 years of working in media of various forms to frame up a way to encourage and support others on the journey of sharing their story. She teaches, supports and provides opportunity to master your message and find the appropriate avenues to share it in her Mass Media Mastery course. Her story of processing childhood trauma and struggle is inspiring as she turns what could have been a wipe out into a beautiful ride full of excitement, adventure and positivity. She is the creator the of the first Global Good News Challenge aiming to bring more hope, joy, love and inspiration into the world.Join the Challenge here -👉👈 Connect with Aldwyn here👇Facebook profile Facebook Mass Media Tribe group... Facebook Loving Life group... LinkedIn... Twitter... Instagram... Pinterest... Meetup Mass Media Tribe group... YouTube Listen Aldwyn’s story here👇 Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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