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Beautiful You With Miriam Smout

Life throws you curve balls compelling you to adapt, pivot, make changes and navigate your way through the transitions you face. Miriam, that’s me!! Well there’s been quite a few seasons in my life and quite some transitions. Today I share some of these. 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 I am a mother of 5 adult children. Yes, they survived my mothering and made it through!! Quite honestly there were times I wondered if they or I would make it. The transition into motherhood was a fulfilling journey for me but also one I had to make many adaptations in. Flexibility became my second name and nature, but I didn’t find it easy. I LOOOVE to be comfortable. To be certain. To make a plan and see it come to fruition. I couldn’t tell you how many plans were tossed out the window and I had to find a way to navigate my way through the change one way or another. Some went okay others had me totally falling apart and got very messy. Then there has been the transition out of motherhood into life with adult children. That’s been a huge transition for me too after 30 years of being the influencer in these lives to becoming an observer as they move on into their season of adulthood. Right now, I’m sensing a new transition in my life. What it means for me is I’m going to take a break for a few weeks or months (however long it takes) from producing The Beautiful YOU Podcast☺️ I’ll definitely be back though because this is my heart and passion to share the stories of women who have faced their life challenges, pains and disappointments and transitioned from the grub in the cocoon to the beautiful butterfly flying free. These stories inspire me, and I know others too who have shared their gratitude for the inspiration they receive from them. You can help me by subscribing to the podcast and leave a review if you’ve been inspired and encouraged from hearing these stories. There are 56 episodes to listen to now. So, take the next little while to work your way through some of the ones you haven’t heard yet 😍 I’ll let you know when The Beautiful YOU Podcast is back on air again 😊 Connect with Miriam here 👇 Facebook: Group: IN: Listen to Miriam’s story here👇 See for privacy information.

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