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Beautiful You with Special Guest Petrina Neufeld

An Indigenous woman, Petrina Neufeld’s health issues started spiralling around forty years of age and deteriorating health was what she expected would be her lot in life would be too. Hear her story and how she has found hope and health on her journey. 🎧💥💥🎧 Life expectancy for an indigenous person is often shorter by 20 years. Petrina’s health issues at 40 led her to believe it would be her lot in life too. However, the life she was living was so compromised that she cried out for answers, to the heavens, to anywhere that would listen. Petrina was living on high doses of medication with side effects that added to her poor health. A friend gifted her a natural, medication free path to try. She likens her transformation to being born again, literally!! Hear her story of hope in life being lived to the full and her health and joy restored again as a wife, mother, teacher and indigenous women. Connect with Petrina hereFacebook - - Listen to Petrina’s story here👇 Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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