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Beautiful You with Special Guest Karalee Katsambanis

Accepting the love of her life came with two children, Karalee Katsambanis choses to navigate the pathway of falling-in-love as a step-parent. Fifteen years later she has written a book called Step Parenting With Purpose. 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 Are you navigating step-parenting on your own? You don’t have to now. Karalee’s book Step Parenting With Purpose is an ultimate guide and companion to support you if you are on this journey. Karalee talks about the issues that can bring conflict, emotional challenges and gives wonderful insight and tips into the life of a step-parent. Listen as she shares some of her stories and some of what she has learned on The Beautiful YOU Podcast. Connect with Karalee here 👇 Website: www.karaleekatsambanis.comFacebook: - Listen to Karalee’s story here👇 See for privacy information.

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