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Beautiful You with Special Guest Mina Cho

If English is a second language would you put yourself in front of others to learn public Speaking? Mina Cho from South Korea tells her story of doing exactly this! 🎧💥💥🎧 Mina Cho makes a powerful decision to face her fears and improve her public speaking skills. Mina joins Toastmasters, a group where you find a supportive place to develop public speaking. Mina though is not a native English speaker but chooses to put herself in the place of discomfort to grow in this area. She has continued to stretch herself and this year she did something that she feared, that made her uncomfortable. Her desire to improve and grow in her public speaking has had benefits well beyond public speaking. No spoiler alert here, you’ll have to listen to find out the extra bonus that comes from joining a group which stretches you, like Toastmasters for Mina!! Connect with Toastmasters here👇Website - (Find a group near you) Listen to Mina’s story here👇 Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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