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Beautiful You With Special Guest Lizelle Hartley

Labeled the dumb girl, living in a caravan Lizelle Hartley rises above the failure and rejection in her life and resolves in her heart…I...Believe in YOU. 🎧💥💥🎧 As a young teenager Lizelle’s life is uprooted as her family move to the other side of her home country South Africa. The adjustments are harsh and traumatic. New friends to make. New living arrangements. New school. Lizelle shares her story of adjusting and coping with these challenges. She is inspired along the way to rise up and believe in herself, and she does. And she has and she is inspiring many women today to do the same. As founder of SMART WOMEN she is a mentor and fashion designer supporting women to fall in love with themselves and to love their style. Lizelle has written and published her first book called “i…….Believe In You” co-authored with her 14 year old daughter Hazel. Lizelle is offering a gift of two tickets to her Smart Women Event in Perth. The Smart Women events are held the first Saturday each month at The Quest in South Perth. Look for the competition on The Women Winning At Life facebook group and find the post sharing the Smart Women events. Connect with Lizelle here👇Facebook - - - Listen to Lizells’s story here👇 Be Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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