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Beautiful You with Special Guest Julie Dinsdale

Finding her passion Julie Dinsdale has found a sense of freedom. Now she buzzes around doing what she loves…bee keeping! 🎧💥💥🎧 Julie realised she didn’t have a passion in her life. She had been successful in the corporate world enjoying the benefits of travel and a great income. However, Julie decided to seek out her passion. She found it in bees. The bees took over her life as she learned about them by starting with a hive in her garden. Just one hive was all it took to become curious about bees and she has not looked back. Now Julie and her husband Shayne have both left their jobs and run their family business “Honey In The Garden” in the Perth hills of Western Australia. Julie spends her days in a hot sweaty suit collecting honey, moving hives and collecting honey. She loves being connected with the environment around her noticing things she missed in her busy corporate life and learning intricate detail about these amazing creatures – Bees. Connect with Julie here👇Facebook - - - Listen to Julie’s story here👇 Be Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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