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Beautiful You with Special Guest Stefanie Crockett

Cancer survivor - at 38 years of age Stefanie Crockett was diagnosed with breast cancer. A four year old son and both their futures to fight for she found a way to overcome. 🎧💥💥🎧 Facing a battle for her life with stage 3 breast cancer, Stefanie finds a way through her battle. Stefanie is a fitness gym owner and instructor. Lack of exercise was not the reason. She is a nutritionist and ate what she thought was healthy and well. There was no breast cancer in her family line so she wanted to find out WHY had this disease struck her. Her search has resulted in her being in remission for 5 years now. And she has built courses and instructs people in how to maintain optimal health both online and offline. Her clients are ditching their medications for diabetes, heart issues and other health problems. Stefanie believes you can get older and stronger, healthier and enjoy the life you live if you’re willing to make some changes to get those results. Listen here to her story 👇 Connect with Stefanie here👇Facebook - Stefanie has a free gift for you here 👇 Be Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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