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Beautiful You with Special Guest Anna Feldman

Anna has come out of hiding to be seen and heard despite her confronting skin condition. She has stepped into her purpose to share her heart and soul with the world. This week we revisit the interview with Anna Feldman from 2019 as a reminder that you can overcome any obstacle to reveal the Beautiful You, the Beautiful YOU you are and deserve to be. 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 Anna's inspiring story of overcoming Vitiligo a skin condition that causes loss of skin colour over the body causing white patchy skin.....TO..... becoming the "Voice of Visibility" 😳 is a not to miss interview!! How does a woman whose looks and identity is challenged by a condition they cannot control? Anna has risen up to become a powerful voice and advocate for women and for herself. Listen for her gems of wisdom and encouragement in The Beautiful YOU Podcast this week. You can do the same because Anna is no different to you or I. She is an everyday, ordinary woman who has overcome the challenge to hide and not be seen...TO....step into her purpose, her assignment for her life and become visible to the world. Find Anna here👇Website - page - - See for privacy information.

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