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Beautiful You with Special Guest Toni Swan - Part 2

Overweight, obese, unwell and unhappy is strong motivation for Toni’s Fresh Start. 🎧💥💥🎧 To a Fresh Start in 2020 as you listen to a Toni Swan share her WHY and her HOW she followed through on a 2019 New Years resolution to transform her life. Transformation physically - no longer obese but going from massive to a size 12 currently. Transformation emotionally - loving and listening to herself and putting her well being first. Transformation in others - mentoring over 100 women in the past year to make a fresh start through weight loss in their lives. Need to make a fresh start in your life through weight loss it know someone who would be inspired and encouraged by Toni’s story? Connect with Toni here👇Instagram - tonicusmax - - Toni Swan - - .Be Inspired...Be Encouraged See for privacy information.

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