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Beautiful You with Special Guest Amanda Viviers

Fresh starts… What to do when a fresh start feels like it’s come along but it's “breaking” you? The Beautiful YOU guest this week is Amanda Viviers sharing on the theme "Fresh Starts" for 2020. Amanda has made many fresh starts in her life and like us all has found them challenging, confronting but also life changing. Journaling is a tool Amanda finds helpful, in fact in her words a powerful tool to reinvent herself, to process the issues she faces and get clarity on how to move forward and step into and journey through the fresh starts in her life. Amanda is an author, radio show host, mother and wife and loves inspiring women to use journaling to negotiate the fresh starts in life. She has written a book for 2020 called Seeking Clarity which helps to reflect on the past year and re-set for the year ahead. Seeking Clarity offers reflective activities which take you through the year that was. Do you want to repeat the mistakes and regrets of the past year? If your answer is NO then what do you need to do differently? Seeking Clarity takes you on a journey to frame up the New Year with courage and intentionality so the past can be left behind and you can embrace the New Year with a clear purpose and direction. Watch out for the opportunity to win a copy of Amanda’s book Seeking Clarity on the Redemption Mumma’s Facebook page. You can connect with Amanda here-Facebook - - - See for privacy information.

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