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Beautiful You With Special Guests Anna B Feldman and Hien Le

Being bullied as a child had really affected Hien’s confidence and lead to belief systems like, “I am not enough,” “I’m not good at what I’m doing”. Her desire is to be heard and to come out of hiding and be all she is created to be. 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 In the Beautiful YOU podcast this week you become a “fly on the wall” and can listen in on a discussion Hien Le has with Anna Feldman. I am so grateful to Hien for being willing to let us in on the conversation she has with Anna. Anna’s passion is to help people come out of hiding and connect with the place where belief systems are formed in us. Anna believes these beliefs hold us back from sharing ourselves, our work, our gifts with the world. She takes Hien through a process of letting go and being released from the old parts, the old stories. Take a listen to how Anna approaches the desire Hien has to become visible and step into her desire to use her creative gifts and start a business. You too can take the steps to seeing your gift and potential fully revealed and expressed by taking up Anna’s offer for a FREE chat here👇 You can also connect with Anna here-Facebook See for privacy information.

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