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Beautiful You With Special Guests Stacie Walker & Ruth Culver

Health challenges for Ruth’s husband provide strong motivation for her to make major decisions including starting her own online business…but how? 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 In the Beautiful YOU podcast this week you become a “fly on the wall” and can listen in on a discussion Ruth Culver has with business strategist, Stacie Walker. Stacie shares her story on the Beautiful YOU podcast in episode 16 and tells how her own health challenges were a catalyst for her making the decision to create her online business so she could create the life she loves and could only dream about at the time. Now some years later Stacie has built her own successful business supporting women to start and build their own businesses online called Stacie Enter Ruth Culver…life challenges faced by Ruth provide strong motivation for her to consider doing the same as Stacie, build a business of her own and be able to support her husband who faces health issues which mean he cannot work again. Ruth found she was very successful with the people that know, like and trust her but wants to know how she can extend her each to those who don’t. Listen in to the advice and steps Stacie suggests for Ruth to take to move her from where she is today to where she wants to be so she can give up her paid job and create her own income steam online. Here’s the link to schedule a time with Stacie if you’re thinking there must be something more for YOU - Here’s other ways you can connect with Stacie-Facebook Here’s how you can connect with Ruth –Facebook - See for privacy information.

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