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Beautiful You With Special Guest Kristen Harper

Fatigued, stressed and living with eating disorderā€¦Kristen Harper went on a quest to find out the answers for herself. šŸŽ§šŸ’„Be Inspired...Be EncouragedšŸ’„šŸŽ§ My Beautiful YOU guest this week is Kristen Harper. Years of suffering emotional trauma, adrenal fatigue, stress, and an eating disorder lead Kristen on a journey to find out WHY she was so unwell.The medical system didnā€™t have answers that supported her road back to full health and well-being. So, in her pursuit to find answers for herself, Kristen has studied, learned and acquired knowledge and skills to now be running her business, Perfect Health Consulting Services. Kristen combines a variety of cutting-edge modalities to provide in her health consulting service to help women with eating disorders, and others who have not released emotional trauma.She uses the tools and strategies she learned along the way and busy supporting others who have had similar experiences to her. Kristen has her own radio show called Tips to Keep You Healthy, Happy, and Motivated and shares her knowledge and passion for the natural way to health and wellness.Download Kristenā€™s Get Healthy eBooks from her website to get a better understanding about health and well-being.Donā€™t spend decades like Kristen did suffering with poor health. Kristen turned her suffering into answers that can be accessed by others and you can find her here -Website - PerfectHealthConsultingServices.comKristenHarperSpeaks.comFacebook - See for privacy information.

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