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Beautiful You with Special Guest Cathy Dobbin

A Story of Rejection from birth to finally finding Love and Acceptance 🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 My Beautiful YOU guest this week is Cathy Dobbin. Cathy was born into a poor Malaysian family and raised in her village. Not by her parents though. She shares in the podcast what happens to her from birth to be rejected by her mother and father. Then to be rejected by those looking after her. The theme of rejection is so strong in Cathy’s life and she shows remarkable strength to keep going. She manages to leave Malaysia to study in England. Now she lives in Australia and has married for the third time. After 3 marriages she has finally found love, like she has never known before. Listen to her story and how she navigated the deep wound of rejection throughout her life. See for privacy information.

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