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Beautiful You with Special Guest Stacie Walker

🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 My Beautiful YOU guest this week is Stacie Walker. Stacie loves helping women, especially mom’s find their passion and make it into a profitable lifestyle business. As a mother of a 3 year old, she has been building her own online business for the past few years. Helping women and mom’s align with their soul calling, is what Stacie is very gifted at. She hosts a group called The Elite Society of Ambitious Women you can find it here 👉 this group Stacie offers incredible free teaching and support. Stacie knows what is like to be down and out, even close to death, without any ambition or self-worth. She has fought back from drug addiction and the consequences that come from this choice to becoming a woman of incredible self-belief and worth. Her Elite society of Ambitious women is a fast-growing group. Stacie connects with women and mom’s who have a desire to be something more. She helps them dig deep to find the self-belief and self-worth because her own journey is testimony to this being possible even when you think you have no hope. In Stacie’s words, “You can get what you want”…. “You are worth it”! Find Stacie on –Facebook See for privacy information.

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