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Beautiful You with Special Guest Kim West

🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 My Beautiful YOU guest this week is Dr Kim West. Kim experienced a dysfunctional upbringing, living through abuse into her late teens, including sexual abuse. The trauma and scars this left motivated her to discover how life could be lived without abuse and trauma. She was especially keen to learn how to live her life so her children didn’t have to endure the abuse and trauma she had. Along her journey to learn she became a counsellor and her studies led her to receiving a Doctorate in Counselling. She specialises today in helping people through counselling intensives. The intensive is a process in which she has a 100% success rate seeing her clients get Healed, Whole and Free. The results she sees are remarkable and people report transformation that other counselling has not provided for them. Dr Kim West has a deep wisdom and knowledge in dealing with trauma and abuse. She loves seeing the transformation and release that results from her counselling intensives. She has launched a program that can be accessed and completed online called Weekend Healing. Find out more by searching for https://www.weekendhealing.comWatch 4 videos that explain what you can expect from a weekend intensive and book a free call with Dr Kim to find out more. Find Dr Kim on Face book - See for privacy information.

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