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Beautiful You with Special Guest Bec Woods

🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 My Beautiful YOU guest this week is Bec Woods. At 16 years of age Bec unexpectedly became a mother. Today she is the CEO of the Collie chamber of Commerce, a beautiful South West town in Western Australia. How does a woman transform their life from such a challenging start? Bec has overcome the stigma, the educational setback of not finishing school, in fact many challenges along the way to re-invent herself as a person. Today she is part of a collaborative group in Collie re-inventing the town!! Collie has been known as a mining and power town since the early 1900’s. Now the energy sector is being disrupted by renewable energy leaving concerns on the future of Collie’s economic growth and job security. Bec shares the lessons she learnt along the way of reinventing her life and how she is bringing what she learn’t and the skills she has developed to be a significant contributor to support reinventing the town of Collie. Her story is inspiring as she has taken hold of opportunities and allowed herself to be stretched beyond what she thought was possible, pushed herself out of her comfort zone after such an early and difficult start to her working life. She is humble and not fussed about attention which adds to the power of what she has done to step into what she is doing today. Bec, along with others is encouraging the town to think of ways to market itself as a destination for tourism. There are some stunning gems hidden away in beautiful Collie. To encourage you to visit Collie, The Collie Ridge Hotel is offering a free one-night stay to a lucky Beautiful YOU podcast listener!! If you know it’s time to take action to become your most Beautiful YOU, then I want to connect with You. Find me on See for privacy information.

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