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Beautiful You with Special Guest Jessica Peletier

🎧💥Be Inspired...Be Encouraged💥🎧 My Beautiful YOU guest this week is Jessica Peletier. Jessica runs a business called Seed Financial. As a mortgage broker she supports people with all things financial. At Seed, you get to talk about numbers in your life, but you are never treated like one!! Jessica’s passion is helping people with their money matters, educating them about budgeting and she has taken this message to an online platform where she hosts courses to support you on your money journey. Jessica says, it’s not money that’s the problem it’s the person behind the money so Jessica’s courses help remove the hurdles and money challenges faced through her “Mind and Money Course”. She offers packages for first home buyers, mortgage services and finance strategy sessions to meet you where you are at on your financial journey. Jessica’s kind and warm -hearted approach makes you feel comfortable and her depth of experience enables her to deal with many situations from investor to the struggles of a low income. Jessica has a Facebook group called the Money Tribe - where she presents weekly trainings and you can stay connected with what she is up to with anything money related!! You can connect with Jessica via –Facebook - - Program - See for privacy information.

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