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Chas Allen Is The Only One In The Room Who Committed A Book Heist

What if while in college, you had an opportunity to make four million dollars, and all you had to do was drive the getaway car? At age nineteen, author, coach, teacher and speaker, Chas Allen, joined three of his friends who were planning what the FBI calls one of the all-time most significant art theft cases, The Transylvania Book Heist. So what would you do if the robbery’s trial run proved to be a trial of errors, one thing after another NOT going the way you’d hoped? Would you get cold feet and decide to leave the money on the table? Or would you silence your intuition and go through with robbery as planned? LinkedIn: @Chas Allen Instagram: @chasallen Twitter: @ChasAllen Facebook: @Chas Allen Read Evolution, and Among Friends Become a supporter of this podcast:

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