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Scott Talks to Ann Batchelder

Ann Batchelder is the author of Craving Spring: A mother’s quest, a daughter’s depression, and the Greek myth that brought them together. She served as Editor of Fiberarts Magazine and was a guest curator for the Asheville Art Museum. Ann has kept a mindfulness practice since 2004, is the mother of two adult children, and lives with her husband in Asheville, N.C. This is Ann’s first appearance on The Only One In The Room. Ann talks to Laura about how her journaling led to her memoir, and discovering how deep her daughter’s depression really was. This leads her to talk about the eating disorder that her daughter developed, which led to a drug addiction as well. It wasn’t until her daughter invited her to therapy that she realized her daughter was addicted to heroin. After going to Al-Anon, discovering the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, and her daughter getting arrested, Ann finally got the courage to begin her healing process, which led to her daughter’s healing as well. This included really learning how to sit with her feelings and to not submit to kneejerk reactions. Before they wrap, Ann shares how her daughter is doing today, and talks a little more about the Greek myth that helped her heal her relationship with her daughter. For more on Ann Batchelder: Email: Website: BOOK: IG: FB: Visit our website: for full interviews, videos, event dates, articles and more. Follow the show on all social media channels: @TheOnlyOneInTheRoom Become a Patreon member for exclusive content, including additional episodes every month, as well as behind the scenes podcast footage. And send us your questions so we can answer them on the show: Become a supporter of this podcast:

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