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David Manheim - The Only Addict Who Started a Podcast with His Friend from Rehab

David Manheim is an American podcaster who currently hosts the popular addiction podcast Dopey. Dave slid into the embrace of heroin and stayed there for around 15 years, until just four months before he started the podcast in 2016 with his friend Chris, who he had met in rehab. Unfortunately, Chris died of a drug overdose in 2018, along with many other people who were featured on the podcast over the years.   Laura opens the show by asking David about how he fell into addiction. David explains his love for marijuana, the weed culture, and how working for a weed delivery business eventually led him to acquiring and trying heroin.   David then talks about his former podcast partner Chris, who he had met in rehab. The two started their podcast Dopey together, and put out episodes every week until Chris’ death from a drug overdose in 2018.   This leads David to recall numerous other guests on the Dopey podcast that have also overdosed over the years. After the death of these people, but especially his former host Chris, David talks about how the show has changed and expresses his willingness to continue putting out weekly episodes.   For More On David Manheim:   Email -   Website -  Instagram:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:  X:  Podcast - Become a supporter of this podcast:

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