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Scott Talks to Keith Corbin

Chef Keith Corbin is the two-time James Beard Award nominated executive chef and co-owner of Alta Adams in Los Angeles, named one of the best restaurants in the country by Esquire, Thrillist, and The Los Angeles Times. He is the author of The Los Angeles Times bestselling memoir California Soul: An American Epic of Cooking and Survival. Keith is also sought-after public speaker.    Laura opens the show by asking Keith about his restaurant, Alta Adams, and her experiences eating there. Keith then talks about his childhood growing up in poverty in Watts. This included having to overcome more than just being poor, but also having to navigate the world of gangsters, pimps, hustlers, and drugs.   Keith talks briefly about his time in prison, which was a regular occurrence for the people he grew up around. After getting out though he had much trouble holding down a steady job. This led Keith back to having to cook drugs at night in Long Beach, while holding down a steady day job in San Francisco. After he decided to give up cooking drugs for good, Keith took all his money and invested it into the community that is Alta Adams.   Keith then describes the journey he took to earn his Certificate of Rehabilitation. This involved getting a lawyer who hadn’t ever heard the certificate, but was dedicated to work with Keith on helping him attain it. After a long and grueling process, Keith was able to earn his certificate, and now works with communities to help educate and help them in a variety of different ways.   For More On Keith Corbin:   Email - Website -  Instagram:  Facebook:  Linkedin  -  X:  Book  - California Soul: An American Epic of Cooking and Survival Become a supporter of this podcast:

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