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Dr. Carl Erik Fisher is The Only Psychiatrist Who Was A Patient On The Psych Ward

Carl Erik Fisher, M.D., is an addiction psychiatrist, bioethics scholar, author, and person in recovery. He is an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University, where he studies and teaches law, ethics, and policy relating to psychiatry and neuroscience, especially issues related to substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors.  He also maintains a private clinical practice focused on complementary and integrative approaches to addiction and recovery. His book, The Urge: The History of Addiction, is available on Amazon. And his podcast, Flourishing After Addiction, is available wherever you listen to podcasts.   Dr. Carl Erik opens the show by telling Laura about his alcohol and stimulant dependency before and throughout college. This led to a manic episode that resulted in him being admitted to a psych ward he had previously interviewed at. He goes on to explain some of his manic behaviors while being treated, including thinking that he knew better than the doctors caring for him. He also explains the specialized program he was put into and given a specialized 5-year contract so it wouldn’t negatively affect his career.   Dr. Carl Erik then talks about “good drugs” vs “bad drugs” and how they disproportionately affect minority communities. This leads to a conversation about the history of addiction and how addiction can become your identity.   Before they finish, Laura asks about his time after getting out of the psych ward, as well as what someone should do when they don’t think they’re getting the right treatment for their substance abuse issues.   For More On Carl: Social Media: @DrCarlErik on most platforms: Also: Website: Become a supporter of this podcast:

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