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Scott Talks to Stefanie Wilder-Taylor

Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is a comedian, author, and podcaster who’s making her second appearance on The Only One In The Room. Her new, best-selling book, Drunk-ish, is all about her journey to sobriety and is available wherever you get your books. She’s been recording her popular parenting & comedy podcast For Crying Out Loud for over 13 years now with her co-host Lynette Carolla. Laura welcomes Stefanie back to the show and two reminisce about their friendship over the years for a bit before diving into sobriety. Stefanie tells a story about the first New Year’s Eve she spent sober, as well as the time she tried her first beer as a teenager. Stefanie then talks about how she would normalize her excessive amounts of drinking, and how being a stand-up comedian helped feed into her addiction. Laura and Stef then have an honest discussion about Xanax addiction and how it’s both similar and different from alcoholism. Stefanie also remembers the time when she was called out by a New York Times journalist, and the online backlash that followed. Before they wrap, Stefanie recalls the event that pushed her to get sober. This leads to a discussion about having a “high-bottom” and getting used to a booze free lifestyle. Check out Stefanie’s first appearance on The Only One In The Room Here: For more on Stefanie Wilder-Taylor: Email: Website: IG:@stefaniewildertaylor FB:@stefaniewildertaylor Her new book: Drunkish Her Podcast: For Crying Out Loud Visit our website: for full interviews, videos, event dates, articles and more. Follow the show on all social media channels: @TheOnlyOneInTheRoom Become a Patreon member for exclusive content, including additional episodes every month, as well as behind the scenes podcast footage. And send us your questions so we can answer them on the show: Become a supporter of this podcast:

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