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Scott Talks to Jesse Leon

Jesse Leon is an author, motivational speaker, social impact consultant, and a certified executive coach. He creates public-private partnerships, grant-making programs, and impact investment funds to address affordable housing, sex-trafficking, addiction, mental health, and LGBTQ+ issues. His memoir I’m Not Broken is available wherever you get your books. And his TedxTalk about sex trafficking can be seen here: This is Jesse’s first appearance on The Only One in the Room Laura opens the conversation by asking Jesse about the difference between sex trafficking and human trafficking. Jesse then shares his story of being sexually molested for years, starting at the age of 11. He goes on the explain why he never spoke up about his attacks and felt forced to shoulder the burden of protecting his family as a child. Laura asks Jesse about a particularly bad fight he got into in the 9th grade, and how that experience led him to reveal to people that he was being sexually assaulted. Jesse talks a little bit about restorative justice before getting into his sobriety journey. After getting sober, Jesse attended both UC Berkley and Harvard. He discusses being two spirited and gives a reaction to his TedxTalk on sex trafficking. For More on Jesse BOOK: Email_ Website_ Instagram: @jesse_leon_author LinkedIn: / jesus-jesse-leon Facebook: JesseLeonAuthor X: @jesseleonauthor Become a supporter of this podcast:

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