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Laura Cathcart Robbins



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Scott Talks to Laura House

When you look down at your hands, your thoughts probably don't lead you much further than the mundane. But what if you've never seen anyone who resembles you? Who has your nose or your laugh or even your sense of humor. Laura House, a renowned comedian, screenwriter on two Emmy award winning shows and a corporate meditation teacher, went through life admiring other children's ability to simply know where they came from. She grew up with a loving, caring and supportive family who she cherishes but what if you can change your only one story, from the adopted one to the one who finally sees not just her image but her smile and her stance reflected back at her 48 years later?   For More on Laura House:   Website_ Laura House  I nstagram:  LinkedIn:  X:  Laura House (@imlaurahouse) / X ( IMDB -  Stand up comedy - Become a supporter of this podcast:

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