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Jane Boroski Is The Only Pregnant One That Was Stabbed 27 Times by A Serial Killer

What if when you were seven months pregnant you were stabbed 27 times by a serial killer and left for dead? Invisible Tears Podcast host, Jane Boroski, was twenty-two years old and drinking a soda in her car when she was attacked by a man who pulled up next to her in a Jeep Cherokee. So what would you do if you survived, but the man who tried to murder you was still at large? Would you try to forget what happened and go on with your life? Or would you start a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of other cold-case victims? More From Jane Boroski: Visit: Listen: Invisible Tears Podcast Finding Jane Boroski: Facebook: @invisibletears Instagram: @invisibletearspodcast Join our Only One In The Room Facebook Group if you'd like to ask a question of any of our upcoming guests for this series. Also visit the website for the latest from our host Laura Cathcart Robbins like featured articles and more. We love hearing from you in the comments on iTunes and while you're there don't forget to rate us, subscribe and share the show! Join our Patreon: Become an Only One In The Room patron by joining us on Patreon! Starting at only $5.00 per month, you’ll get bonus content, access to outtakes that the general public will NEVER see, extremely cool merch, and depending on what tier you get, monthly hang time with Scott and Laura. Join our Patreon today at Don’t wait until the new year, start building healthier eating habits this fall with Green Chef. Go to and use the code 60onlyone to get 60% off plus free shipping. Upgrade your closet this summer with Quince. Right now go to to get free shipping and 365-day returns on your next order. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Become a supporter of this podcast:

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