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125: CEO Confessions: Growing Pains, Negative Profit, Firing Team Members, and Burnout

The journey of being a founder is similar to a video game. You level up along the way - learn new skills, meet new people, and discover more about yourself and your business. Selina Ho, founder of Recloseted, pours her heart out in the new podcast series of Recloseted Radio called CEO Confessions. In episodes like this, she explores the behind-the-scenes of Recloseted, lessons that she had learned, and the challenges she faced along the way. For the first episode of CEO Confessions, she : - tells us what's new with Recloseted - shares the growing pains along the way when it comes to growing your business - gives tips on how to deal with negative profit and firing team members - and so much more ✨ Links Mentioned: - Revamped Recloseted website - Recloseted Shop - use code "PODCAST" for 10% off - Book a FREE consultation with Selina Ho - Resources To Launch Your Brand - Tiff Cheng Studio - Athletic Greens - More free resources Subscribe to Recloseted Radio so new episodes are automatically downloaded! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot, share it on your social media, and tag us @Recloseted! Lastly, help us spread the slow fashion movement by leaving a positive rating and review.

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