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5 quick tips for building confidence and expertise as an online business owner

It can be tough to show up and own your expertise when you're surrounded by other experts in your industry. But, there will *always* be someone who knows more than you—and if you wait until you know "enough", then you'll be waiting a really long time! In today's episode, I'm sharing 5 quick tips you can use to build your confidence and expertise. - Why taking imperfect action before you feel *ready* will help you to learn and quickly course-correct as needed. - How investing in your learning and growth can boost your confidence and your expertise. - The benefits of reading books—and not just business books. - Why *not* sharing your expertise is doing others a disservice—after all, you have the solution to someone else's problem! - How sharing your experiences is more important than what others *may* say or think about you. SHOW LINKS: - Episode #715: Stuck and overthinking? Here's how to start taking Imperfect Action in your business. DM me “715” on Instagram ( for a direct link. - Episode #698: Reading list: 5 books I've read and loved this year (and what's next on my reading list). DM me “698” on Instagram ( for a direct link. - Episode #689: Self-doubt getting in the way? Here are 5 tools to help you overcome it. DM me "689" on Instagram ( for a direct link. - Get my Daily Biz Booster emails: - 5 Simple Tweaks to Boost Your Launch Profits: - Want me to spend a day working on your next launch? Book a VIP intensive: Let's be Instagram friends:

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